March 17, 2023

What is a comptroller?

What Is A Comptroller

What is a Comptroller? 

Comptrollers are accounting and finance experts. They keep an eye on all fiscal activity. 

Yeah, I had to Google that too. Fiscal activity, to explain it in simplest terms, means government spending and taxation

Obviously, this isn’t the most fun job to do. But, it’s very important because, when handled by the right person, your business can get an extra boost

What does a Comptroller do? 


Comptrollers know all about accounting from A to Z. They handle your payroll, file taxes, and whip up your financial statements. Everything financial, they handle.

Financial forecasting

You need accurate data to create smart plans for your future budget. The Comptroller is the data supplier that helps you do it by predicting if your business is going to do great… or not so great. 

Risk analysis

The comptroller does a risk analysis to see which risks are smart to take and which ones aren’t worth it.  

Financial growth

Comptrollers create plans and chances for your business to grow and scale.

There are other benefits they do for you too! But, this is the basic detail for you to get the overall picture. 

What’s the difference between a Comptroller and a Controller? 

They sound alike, sure. And people often mistake them for the same thing. 

But they’re different. And I’m going to tell you how!  

Controllers work with private or nonprofit organizations. They tally up the bottom line budget-wise once services are done. They’re a better choice for smaller businesses. 

Comptrollers are employed more in governmental positions. They handle more responsibilities and carry more weight. They do more work than a Controller, which includes bookkeeping!

Next steps

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