March 17, 2023

What is a bookkeeper?

What Is A Bookkeeper

What is a bookkeeper? 

A bookkeeper keeps a simple, easy-to-read record of the money going in and out of your business. The how, where, when, and who’s of your money. 

If you don’t get numbers – like balancing ledgers, invoices, financial statements – and all that complicated money-related stuff no one loves to do – a bookkeeper will handle it for you.  

Here’s a trivia fact: Without a bookkeeper’s records, accountants wouldn’t be able to do their job. 

Are bookkeepers accountants?

Bookkeepers work on tinier tasks than an accountant – the small things. 

They handle payroll, monthly statements, etc. All the tedious, not-so-fun money-related tasks that demand attention you may not feel like giving. 

Accountants handle tasks that are out of a bookkeeper’s scope – the bigger things. They do taxes and come up with long-term strategies that have excellent payoffs in the long run. 

They’re not the same thing. But they complement each other and their work enables the other to do their job. 

You need a bookkeeper or accountant if… 

Your taxes are too stressful

If your taxes are too taxing (pun not intended) for you, an accountant will save you time and trouble during the dreaded tax season! 

You’re wasting too much time on accounting

Spending too much time on accounting chores and numbers really isn’t your thing. Don’t worry, it’s theirs! Why should you suffer an unnecessary migraine over it? 

Your business is growing and needs more care

You have done your fair share of work to get your business up and running. But now that your hard work is paying off, you’ve reached a point where you need to bring in a team to be the support system that keeps it fueled and running. 

Your next steps 

A certified accountant or bookkeeper keeps your finances smoothly flowing. You handle your zone of genius, they’ll handle theirs. 

Book a discovery call here at Accounting Solutions and meet our team. We’re passionate about helping business owners have peace of mind by taking this burden off their shoulders so they can better serve more customers. 


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